Felony and Misdemeanor representation

Virginia has four classifications of misdemeanor crimes (which are punishable by up to 12 months in jail) and six classifications of felony crimes (which are punishable by one year or more in prison, and in some cases up to life in prison or death). Additionally, there are numerous unclassified misdemeanors and felonies with various punishments that are not governed by any of the ten classifications above.

Being charged with a criminal offense can change your life in an instant. I have the knowledge and experience you need to guide you through the process of fighting your criminal charges. I am dedicated to standing beside you every step of the way, and will work tirelessly to achieve favorable outcomes for you and your case.

No Charge too small or too serious

Every year, the General Assembly adds more and more new laws for police officers to charge people with crimes. In Virginia, even crimes as seemingly simple as possession of marijuana, shoplifting, and vandalism have punishments attached (sometimes mandatory punishments) that can seriously affect you and your life.

I have represented hundreds of clients in deceptively simple criminal cases, often times getting charges dismissed and keeping the lifelong embarrassment of a criminal conviction off their records.

Additionally, I have represented clients in the most serious of criminal charges, including child abuse, robbery, rape, and murder. Although every case is different, I have had great success in achieving favorable outcomes in these types of cases. Serious cases like these, especially those that hinge on witness credibility, are often decided by a jury - an area where I specialize and thrive.

drug offenses

Virginia has criminalized the possession of a number of substances, including marijuana. These offenses range in penalty from fines only to lengthy prison sentences - up to ten years. If the quantity of the substance is high, you may even face longer prison sentences if the prosecutor and police charge that you possessed so much, you must have intended to distribute the substance to others.

I have represented clients in all types of drug cases. I have made it my mission in drug cases to find any defensible position, and work with you to avoid prison, fines, driver's license suspensions, and sometimes avoid convictions completely.